Solar Panel Installation 101

The Two System

solar panels installationWhen people think about solar panels they immediately think about going off the grid and being free from the power company. This is possible and it is one way to use solar energy produced by solar panels from Roof Worx. The other way is to join an energy buy back program with your local power company where you sell them excess energy back to the grid, not every state has them but for those that do, they often see significant savings on their bill, they break even or they make a small profit while still being connected to the energy grid. For most people this is a much better arrangement than going off the grid.

Finding An Installer

The most important step beside budgeting is finding the right company for your solar panel installation. We unashamedly suggest that you work with us or a supplier that we link to on our site. We are the best only suggest the best. Barring our impartial suggestion you should do your research on any solar installation company that you are considering using. Google is your friend here because you can easily find review about the company. Another idea is to ask the company for reference so that you can get an idea about how past customers view then and the work that they do.

Federal And State Tax Breaks And Subsidies

Depending on where you live, each state is different, there are sometimes subsidies that will help you pay for your solar panels, in many states and even the federal government provide tax incentives for people who install solar panels. This is a deep conversation and one that we would like to have directly with you. Until we can have that conversation we suggest that you look on the internet for your state’s policies on solar panels and if they provide any sort of incentives to homeowners and businesses who have them installed. Also check the federal government as well.


Getting Started

This article is just a brief introduction to the topic. To learn more about Solar energy please give us a call. We love explaining the ins and the outs of this subject. Please also free to look around the site some more and follow our links because we provide plenty of information to inform the public on how to get started with solar energy– from planning, to finding a company, to budgeting, government programs, power company buy backs and everything associated with going solar.

For more information about solar panels, read here.

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