How Can A Heat Map Tool Help My Website

If you have been buildingheatmap tool websites for any amount of time, you have probably purchased all kinds of tools to help your site rank better. You have probably done your best to build legitimate links to the website. Maybe you have read all the content on how to effectively optimize your on page content. And, you have properly used meta tags to help search engines understand what your website is all about. But, haven’t you ever wondered what visitors do when they are actually at your website? If you have, then a heatmap tool is what you need for your site.

Did you know that Google uses site stickiness as one of its ranking criteria? If they detect people go to your site and immediately leave then they will penalize you in the search results. You need to understand why they are leaving. It could be that your site is irrelevant. If your heat map is showing the back button being hit a lot then you can guess your content isn’t relevant. But, if they are clicking on links to other websites, then maybe you would consider putting some of your internal links in that area.

A heat map can also help you determine where to place advertising that you may sell. You can use the heat map data to show potential advertisers where the prime real estate on your website is located. Therefore, you can charge a premium to a “red” area and a lower rate to one of the cooler “blue” areas. Without this data, you do not have much proof to show the advertisers your hot spots.

A heat map can even show the path a mouse pointer takes when on your website. Alot of times this will track the eye movement of a visitor. You can see what content draws their eyes and adjust your website accordingly. You can even see if they are scrolling to the bottom of the content. This can tell you is people are interested enough in your content to read below the fold, or if they are not willing to do that.

A heat map tool can be a useful application for providing unique data you may have never thought of collecting before. The data can help you properly tweak your website in a way that will cause readers to stay there and show that your website is worth ranking.

For more information about heatmaps, read here.

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