How To Clean A Matress

It is very important that you know how to clean a mattress or if you don’t have time, make it a habit to regularly have your mattress cleaned by an expert like the Carpet Cleaning Perth. This is because you spend countless hours on it and a lot of dirt can build up on its surface. Sleeping on a dusty or dirty mattress can cause various health issues to your body and you should not try it at all. You may be aware of dust mites and their love of feeding on dead skin cells. The mattresses may also contain urine, sweat or any other body fluids.

mattressBefore you commence on cleaning your mattress, you should strip the bed and wash your lines. Clean your mattress pad first then move on to the sheets. Finally, deal with your bedspread. Ensure that you use the hottest water and dryer heat settings allowable so as to kill all the pathogens in your beddings. You can now prioritize your mattress.

Your vacuum cleaner is an imperative part of cleaning your mattress. You ought to start at the top of the mattress and move down in an overlapping manner. Vacuum the narrow paths and the sides of your mattress in the same way. Do not be too hasty to go for the other side of the mattress. WE are yet to get there.

You should then deodorize the mattress. Swat has a smell that is not overly attractive. With time, our body odors in the mattress may build up and lead to an aroma that makes you feel uncomfortable. To get rid of this rankness of your mattress, you can sprinkle baking soda and rub it in with a brush. You can mix the baking soda with a few drops of the scent you want on your mattress. You may try Lavender as it has a reputation of being a sleep aid.

Having scrubbed your mattress with baking soda, you have helped it to bond with the moisture on the surface. If you vacuum it now, you will erase all traces of dampness thus ensuring that you will not wake up covered in powder-like residue when dawn arrives.

You should also make sure that you get the stains out. The stains may be of different kinds namely urine, blood and other body fluids. It may be much safer to do so by use of cold water, and soap or by the use of hydrogen peroxide, but this will interfere with your sleep. It is will however depend on you.

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