Untitled-2Hi there! My name is Martha Goodman and I own a boutique in the small Southern California town of Idyllwild. I’ve been living there for 12 years and opened my shop eight years ago. I love the people in my little town and especially my many customers. We’re up in the San Jacinto mountains and we all love our little town. I was married for 15 years, but my husband passed away two years ago. He was a firefighter and lost his life in the line of duty fighting a wildfire. They’re pretty common here in California and he fought a lot of them. Now I’m a single mother of two kids, Cathy who is 13 and Carl who is 10. I’m glad they get to grow up in this small town where we know everybody. And, when I’m not at my shop or playing mom to my kids, I just love to remodel the house, I always read articles and magazines about it. Sometimes my kids say I’m obsessed with it, but I don’t mind. My oldest is actually getting interested in it now, too. Perhaps you are as well, so I’m sharing some articles on the subject with you today. Hope you enjoy them and, if you do or have any questions, please message me.